Champions Academy - Project of the Year February 19, 2015 19:49


PCF is planning to create a Champions Academy this year in 2015 starting in November for the next sub 20 league season.  The Champions Academy will be unlike any other in Central America.  We will invite international student athletes who have a desire to excel to live with us full time, in camp for a period of time, at least for the 'futbol' season.  In 'Camp' players will get intense, international level soccer training from credentialed coaches.  They will enter league play.  And they will be expected to Excel to a championship level.  Beyond that, the other 50% of time spent in 'Camp' will be what we call 'Success Training'.  Success training involves a very specific curriculum focusing on not only the values and principles necessary to achieve success in life, but also will delve into practical 'how to' training as it relates to finding, keeping and excelling in any job or work scenario.  Beyond that, students will get intensive training on what is necessary to start and manage a small business.  All curriculum is designed to CREATE CHAMPIONS ON THE FIELD AND IN LIFE!    This camp will require solid sponsors and business partners and the continual support of everyone, at every level.   Anyone interested in being a part of a 'winning team' is asked to contact us for details.